Grass People Tree | stories that build bridges

The tribes in the remote mountains of Guizhou, Southwest China, remained unknown to the developed world until the late 1980s. Today they live just as they have done for thousands of years: picking and processing their crops with undying respect for Mother Nature.

The founder of Grass People Tree, Rui, was born and raised in Guizhou. Having moved to the UK to study, she decided it was time to share her people’s stories with the rest of the world along with their prize produce – their tea.

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My first task was to craft Grass People Tree’s brand story. Although it’s purely factual, the tone is inspired by a traditional children’s storybook. I consulted closely with Rui throughout the writing process to ensure I was capturing the true spirit of Guizhou and the people who make Grass People Tree tea so special.

Screenshot 2017-11-07 17.22.10 (Read the full story here)

Once the brand story was finalised I went on to write the copy for the rest of the website, offering strategic advice on branding for a Western market along the way.

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The new Grass People Tree website has just launched, and the feedback so far has kept us smiling. One reader reported goosebumps – I couldn’t ask for more!