London South Bank University | a brand for the real world

LSBU is building its reputation as a university that equips its students for the real world. It offers its former students really useful services – mentoring, careers advice, events and networking opportunities – yet its alumni association was struggling to connect with the people it exists for.

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We had some great conversations with LSBU alumni, which revealed that most former students had no idea what their alumni association could offer them, beyond the standard annual magazine. The association had a low profile at the university, and almost no presence once students graduated. Alumni students needed to know what they could get from being part of the alumni community, and what they could give back.

Following a workshop with the alumni team at LSBU, we crafted a new purpose that conveyed the alumni association’s ambition to increase the real world impact of everyone who has studied at LSBU. We also came up with a new articulation of its offer, and a set of personality traits that captured its true essence: ‘smart’, ‘supportive’, ‘nimble’ and ‘London’. We simplified its name from ‘Alumni Association’ to the more contemporary and impactful ‘Alumni’.

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The new positioning was followed by a visual identity refresh, featuring a subtle ‘bokeh light’ effect inspired by the LSBU undergraduate brand concept, ‘in the spotlight’. The visual style was rolled out across the magazine, renamed ‘South Bank’, and event materials for the upcoming graduation ceremony. We also worked with local film company FatSand on a short film to open the ceremony and introduce LSBU Alumni to graduates at a perfect moment.

“Our engagement with alumni and students has gone through the roof because our brand and tone of voice captures the very essence of our community”

– Olivia Rainford, Senior Manager, Alumni Relations

*I worked on this project as part of a brilliant team at Neo.