Idlewild Weddings | a silk-and-wellies brand to stir hearts

Idlewild Weddings is a young boutique wedding company hosting unique weekend weddings on a small farm in rural Sussex. They were looking for a stand out brand that would stir the hearts of people with truly life changing moments on their horizons.


Creating a luxury brand from scratch is the stuff of my dreams. I began by diving into the local wedding landscape, and gaining a deep understanding of the niche audience and unique offer. There are plenty of grand venues and rustic barns in the area – but Idlewild Weddings wanted to offer something different; quirky, intimate weddings on a rough-around-the-edges farm, lasting a whole weekend, without a meringue in sight.


I came up with the name, Idlewild Weddings, to reflect the wild, rustic feel of the venue and the luxuriously lazy atmosphere that the company wanted to promote. Then I created a unique brand story for Idlewild Weddings to set them apart from the myriad of other wedding companies in the area. Once I’d perfected the Idlewild story I created all the copy for the website from scratch, as well as a bespoke-feel proposal template, which can be tweaked quickly and easily for each client according to their needs.

Screenshot 2017-04-04 10.39.42.png

Idlewild Weddings haven’t just seen enquiries from excited couples flood in since they launched their brand. They’ve been approached by other established brands for partnerships, and asked to feature in wedding magazines and at wedding fairs.

Their brand helps them stand proud in a crowded marketplace – and keeps the frills and silverware at a firm arm’s length.

“Rose totally got our vibe – she took the time to understand who we are, where we are and who we want to reach. We couldn’t have hoped for a brand more perfectly us.”

Tiffiny Tremain, Idlewild Weddings